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Thursday, May 23 | 6 PM ET

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Join legendary coach Lou Holtz as he sits down with Hall of Fame wide receiver Tim Brown to discuss his extraordinary career, faith, and the journey from Notre Dame to NFL greatness. Discover how Brown’s dedication, influenced by his family’s values and unwavering faith, led to an inspiring legacy both on and off the field.

In the latest episode of the Lou Holtz podcast, legendary coach Lou Holtz sits down with Tim Brown, the Hall of Fame wide receiverto discuss his extraordinary career and personal journey. Lou begins by highlighting Tim’s impressive accomplishments, which started with being drafted in the first round by the Los Angeles Raiders after a stellar college career at the University of Notre Dame, where he won the Heisman Trophy.

Tim Brown made an immediate impact in the National Football League despite an early setback with a significant injury. He quickly became a key player for the Raiders, known for his skills as both a receiver and a punt returner. His career stats are a testament to his talent and hard work: over 1,000 receptions, 15,000 receiving yards, and more than 100 touchdowns.

Tim’s path to greatness was unconventional, shaped by a family that prioritized education over sports. His father, though a football enthusiast, did not push him into the sport, while his mother, a devout missionary, was initially opposed to his athletic pursuits. Instead, they instilled in him the importance of education, which led him to Notre Dame, a place he knew little about until his older brother encouraged him to attend.

Lou reminisces about coaching Tim at Notre Dame and praises his dedication and character, noting that he has never heard a negative story about him. Tim attributes much of his success to Coach Holtz’s influence, recalling a pivotal conversation where Lou encouraged him to pursue both education and football excellence.

Tim’s faith has been a cornerstone of his life, heavily influenced by his mother’s devout beliefs. Despite the challenges and temptations that came with fame and fortune, especially in Los Angeles, Brown remained steadfast in his faith. He credits his mother’s unwavering example and his commitment to living a life of integrity.

Beyond his football career, Tim has made significant contributions off the field. He speaks about his family, highlighting the strong support from his wife, whom he met in an extraordinary way through a teammate. They have been married for 27 years and have four children, each carving out their paths in life.

Tim’s story is one of perseverance, faith, and dedication. He is now the commissioner of a new Arena Football League, continuing to influence the sport he loves. As Lou and Tim wrap up the conversation, Tim offers a message of hard work and faith, encouraging listeners to stay dedicated and trust in the path laid out for them.

Tim Brown’s legacy is not just in his football stats, but in the way he has lived his life, inspired others, and remained true to his values.

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